School Information



The school has adopted a community slogan titled "Be a Saint!" This is shortened to BEAST. The slogan emphasizes values that should be embodied by all students and staff. The values are to have respect, strive for achievement, and to always have a can-do-attitude. What these values look like can be found here.

Additionally, all students and staff are encouraged to share examples of these values on the school "Bark out board" where acts of kindness, stories of success, and instances of saintly behavior can be recognized.

Bark Out Board

Click on the image above to view our stories from the "Bark out board"!

common Assurances

Staff agree to uphold equitable, fair, and respectable standards in their classrooms. This is to assure that students have a high standard of education within the classroom. All teachers agree to these assurances. These assurances and standards can be found here.