9th Grade Registration & Course Request Process


Parent(s)/guardian(s) should use one of the links listed below when registering incoming freshmen or students new or retuning to our district.

If you already began an online registration application, you can log back in by clicking here.

Required Documents

ALL Families Need to Upload the following:

  • IEP or 504 Plan (If applicable)

  • Address Verification (Approved list below - select two)

    • PG&E Bill

    • Water Bill

    • Credit Card Statement

    • Bank Statement

    • Apartment Rental Agreements

    • Mortgage Documents

If you did not attend one of our main feeder schools (Bernal, Herman, or Davis), you also need to upload the following.

  • Transcript and most recent grades from previous school

  • Copy of Immunization Records

  • Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Copy of Parent's Driver's License

Welcome Future Saints!

Feeder School Visits & Parent Nights:


School Day Visits to Herman Intermediate School

Parent Night at Herman Intermediate School

Day Visit to Bernal Intermediate School

Parent Night at Bernal Intermediate School

Registration Paperwork

  • Course Request Form

  • Emergency Form

  • Will be begun during school day visits and completed at Parent Nights.

  • Parents who cannot attend the Parent Nights must complete registration and course request forms and turn in to STHS Main Office (deadline TBA)

Freshman Orientation & Schedule Pick-Up TBA


Please contact:

Parent Community Involvement Specialist

Mr. Elvin Jackson

jacksone@esuhsd.org or (408) 347-6233

Parent Night Presentation