STHS Shared Leadership At-a-Glance

(Shared Leadership Model, A = Administrative Team

Organizational Leadership

Administrative Team: Vivian Rhone-Lay (Principal), Raquel Topete (APED), Michael Payne-Alex (APA)

ESTA Leadership: Neil Wilson (Site President), Don Yellum (Site Grievance Rep.), Tan Huynh, Jason Chang, Theresa Flores, Brenden O’Connor, Joshua Shank

Professional Development Committee (PDC): Sara Bourbour, Alexandra Tripoli, Jayson Chang, Elizabeth Bandy, Nichole Boye-Doe, Tiffany Tuccoli, Lindsey Badgerow, Raquel Topete, Michael Payne-Alex, Vivian Rhone-Lay *Link to Agendas

WASC Focus Group Leads & Home Group Leads: A) Dave Walters & Cecilia Granados, B) Sara Bourbour & Bryan Reed, C) Lindsay Meyers & Nicole Boye-Doe, D) Elizabeth Bandy & Alexandra Tripoli, E) Jayson Chang & Antonio Centeno *Notes/Plans

WASC Writing Leads: Elizabeth Bandy, Kate Osdras *Link to Agendas

SEL Capacity

Attendance Team (Tier 1/2/3): Becky Swart, Maria Leal, Elvin Jackson, Michael Payne-Alex

Safety Team (Tier 1/2/3): Laura White, Matt Gigliotti, Michael Payne-Alex, Vivian Rhone-Lay *Our approach to discipline is rooted in the UBR and Education Code

Athletics & Activities Team (Tier 1): Scott Young (Athletics Co-Director), Deborah Fujii (Athletics Co-Director), Amber Mazzella (Activities/ASB Director), Vivian Rhone-Lay *Link to Agendas

Guidance Leadership Team (Tier 1/2/3): Rachel Bull Ghezzi, Michael Payne-Alex , Matt Gigliotti, Laura White, Raquel Topete, Lori Martinson (Head Counselor), Victoria Calderon, Michelle Doi, Amy Choy, Janette Ortiz-Fonseca, Mary Servin, Vivian Rhone-Lay *Link to Agendas

Content Areas Mastery, Performance & Assessment

Instructional Leadership Team-ITLs (Tier 1/2/3): Tan Huynh (Art), Autumn Juhl (Art), Lori Martinson (Counseling), Dave Kenigsberg (English), Joshua Shank (English), Brendan O'Connor (LOTE), Celina Padilla (LOTE), Channy Cornejo (Math), Miriam Martinez (Math), Catherine Worden (Science), Steve Taylor (Science), Bryan Phipps (Social Science), Alexandra Tripoli (Social Science), Antonio Centeno (Special Education), Cindy Hays (Special Education), Neil Wilson (ESTA), Raquel Topete (APED), Michael Payne-Alex (APA), Vivian Rhone-Lay (P) *Link to Agendas

Educational Empowerment

Counseling Team (Tier 1/2/3): Raquel Topete (APED), Neha Billing (Technician), Lori Martinson (Head Counselor), Victoria Calderon, Michelle Doi, Amy Choy, Janette Ortiz-Fonseca, Mary Servin, Vivian Rhone-Lay

Parent Community Involvement Specialist (Tier 1/2/3): Elvin Jackson

MTSS Tier 1 Team: Nicohle Boye-Doe (SEL Site Co-Lead), Lindsay Meyers (SEL Site Co-Lead), Antonio Centeno, Celina Padilla, Elvin Jackson, Allie Tripoli, Tyler Cleveland, Theresa Durnin-Chaid, Vivian Rhone-Lay, Counselors (on Rotation), Nicole Garcia *Link to Drive

MTSS Tier 2 Team: Nicohle Boye-Doe, Lindsay Meyers (SEL Site Co-Lead), Lynn Stubing, Rachel Bull Ghezzi, Elvin Jackson, Laura White (SEL Site Co-Lead), Janette Ortiz-Fonseca (Counselor Rep 1), Michelle Doi (Counselor Rep 2), Raquel Topete, Michael Payne-Alex, Vivian Rhone-Lay *Link to Drive

Instructional Support Team (MTSS Tier 2/3): Lindsey Meyers (Coordinator), Raquel Topete, Victoria Calderon (Counselor), Rachel Bull Ghezzi, Lynn Stubing, Teachers (invited as needed), Parents (invited as needed), Students (invited as needed), Vivian Rhone-Lay