English 1 & 2 Accelerated

English 1 Accelerated

English 1A is an accelerated version of the freshman English curriculum, designed to challenge and engage students with the fundamentals of effective writing. The course teaches the building blocks of storytelling, including story elements and structure, and emphasizes the development of argumentative writing skills and the basics of rhetoric. Students will also read district-approved novels appropriate for incoming freshmen, with potential texts including Romeo and Juliet, To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, Ender's Game, and House on Mango Street.

Through a combination of rigorous reading and writing assignments, students will develop foundational skills in reading comprehension, critical analysis, and clear written communication. The accelerated nature of the course will provide students with the opportunity to take on more challenging assignments and gain a deeper understanding of the writing process.

English 1A is designed to prepare students for the demands of college-level reading and writing, and looks impressive on transcripts for college admissions. With a focus on building strong foundations in reading and writing, this course provides an excellent starting point for students looking to develop their communication skills and succeed academically.

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English 2 Accelerated

English 2A is a course designed for students who are interested in advancing their skills in writing effective literary analysis essays. The course focuses on engaging students in Socratic seminar discussions, providing a balance of rigor, student ownership, collaboration, and critical thinking. The class also deepens students' understanding of working with Shakespearean language and teaches elements of strong narrative writing, which are applicable to personal statements.

In this course, students will read and analyze a variety of literary works, including The Kite Runner, Born a Crime, Fahrenheit 451, The Joy Luck Club, Maus, Julius Caesar, and other selections that vary from teacher to teacher. Through the analysis of these texts, students will develop their ability to write literary analysis essays and enhance their critical thinking skills.

English 2A provides an opportunity for students to take a rigorous yet fun course, one where they can connect with others who share their interest in the subject. While it may require more work than some other courses, students get what they pay for, as they will enjoy diving deeper into challenging aspects of English literature. This course is also an effective preparation for upperclassman AP English Lang and Lit. By the end of the course, students will have developed advanced skills in literary analysis, critical thinking, and writing, which will be valuable in future academic pursuits.

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