AP Psychology

AP Psychology

AP Psychology at Santa Teresa High School offers students a comprehensive exploration of psychology, covering the range of a college-level introductory course. Throughout the course, students delve into various units, including research methodology, bio-psychology and neuro-anatomy, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, cognition, learning, and memory, social psychology, motivation and stress, and neuro-divergence and therapy. By analyzing each unit, students gain insights into how these areas of study influence behavior, biology, and mental processes.

In AP Psychology, students adopt a social-scientific approach to understanding themselves, their identities, and their capabilities as individuals and members of society. The course utilizes research and data to inform understanding, employing a variety of techniques to explore key themes in behavior and mental processes. By recognizing the impact of environmental, genetic, and cognitive forces, students develop a deeper appreciation for the complexities of human nature. An emphasis on experimental learning and demonstrations enhances comprehension of essential psychological concepts.

Students actively engage in the learning process, continually assessing their knowledge and growth. Through in-class activities, vocabulary games, experiential exercises, and assessments, students identify areas of strength, areas that require further learning, and strategies for personal improvement. The course encourages students to realign and reprioritize their learning journey, emphasizing their growth potential as they strive to become better individuals.

While there are no specific prerequisites for enrollment in AP Psychology, the majority of students in this course are typically in the 11th and 12th grades. All students interested in gaining a deeper understanding of human behavior and mental processes are encouraged to participate.

Successful completion of AP Psychology fulfills the A-G Elective requirement in Social Science. By exploring the fundamental concepts of psychology, students develop a profound understanding of themselves and their roles within society. They acquire valuable skills in critical thinking, data analysis, and comprehension of human behavior, providing a solid foundation for future academic pursuits or careers in various fields such as psychology, social sciences, or healthcare.

Join us in AP Psychology as we embark on a fascinating journey of self-discovery and understanding. Together, we will explore the intricate workings of the human mind, unlock our potential, and gain a deeper appreciation for the diverse nature of human behavior.

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