World History

World History

The World History course at Santa Teresa High School aims to expose students to a wide range of cultures, both historically and in the modern context. Throughout the course, students will gain a better understanding of how different societies and civilizations have contributed to the development of Western Civilization.

In addition to exploring various cultures, students will also develop real-life skills such as note-taking, research, and analytical thinking. These skills are essential for success in college and the workplace.

The curriculum of the course is designed to cover major historical events and themes from the prehistoric era to the present day. Students will examine the political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of various historical periods and learn how these factors have influenced the development of the world we live in today.

The course will use a variety of teaching methods including lectures, group discussions, and projects to engage students and enhance their learning experience. Through these activities, students will learn how to analyze primary and secondary sources, identify cause-and-effect relationships, and develop their own perspectives on historical events.

World History is a State and District requirement for graduation. Successful completion of the course will not only fulfill this requirement but also provide students with a solid foundation in the study of history and its relevance to contemporary society.

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