Vietnamese 1

In this first level of the Vietnamese language class, students continue to build upon the skills acquired in level 1, focusing on the three modes of communication (interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational), as well as the six global themes outlined in the curriculum. Instruction emphasizes culturally authentic communication-based learning, incorporating the study of grammatical structures, language acquisition skills, strategies, performance, and proficiency-based language tasks. The goal is to enable students to begin communicating effectively in the Vietnamese target language. The course is designed to provide students with the necessary foundation in Vietnamese language skills to progress through the first stage of the World Language Continuum. 

It satisfies the World Language/Fine Arts requirement of the East Side Union High School District and grants 1 unit of credit towards the World Languages requirement at the University of California and California State University. Vietnamese 1 is an introductory course specifically designed for students with little or no prior background in the study of Vietnamese. Through engaging activities, students will develop their vocabulary, enhance their understanding of grammatical structures, and refine their language skills. By the end of the course, students will be equipped with basic communication skills in Vietnamese, allowing them to engage in simple conversations, comprehend written texts, and present information in the target language. This course serves as a solid foundation for further study of Vietnamese language and culture.

Overall, this course provides students with the essential building blocks to begin communicating in Vietnamese, while also fostering an understanding of the cultural context in which the language is used. Students will develop fundamental language skills and gain cultural insights, setting them on a path towards continued language learning and appreciation of the Vietnamese culture.

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Vietnamese 2

Vietnamese 2 is a dynamic language course designed for students in grades 10, 11, and 12, who have completed the first year of Vietnamese language study. Building upon the foundation established in the previous level, this course aims to further develop students' proficiency in the Vietnamese language across the three modes of communication: interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational. Through the exploration of six Language & Culture themes, students will enhance their vocabulary, grammar, and language acquisition skills, enabling them to communicate effectively in the target language.

With an emphasis on culturally authentic communication, this course incorporates performance and proficiency-based instructional tasks. Students will engage in meaningful interactions, presentations, and written compositions that reflect real-world scenarios, deepening their understanding of Vietnamese culture and society. Additionally, the study of grammatical structures and language strategies will provide students with the tools to express themselves accurately and fluently.

Vietnamese 2 follows the progression outlined in the World Language Continuum, allowing students to build upon their language skills and advance to the next stage of proficiency. By satisfying the second-year requirement of the East Side Union High School District, this course ensures students' progress in their language studies. Furthermore, it fulfills the language requirement for 2 years at both the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU), providing students with a solid foundation for future academic pursuits in Vietnamese or related fields.

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Vietnamese 3

Santa Teresa High School's Vietnamese 3 class builds upon the language foundations established in Vietnamese 2 and takes students to a higher level of language proficiency. Throughout this course, students will have the opportunity to review and reinforce their intermediate language skills while engaging in a variety of creative and communicative tasks.

In Vietnamese 3, students will use their language proficiency to complete several exciting projects. They will create a blog sharing their childhood memories, showcasing their ability to express personal experiences and reflect on their past. Additionally, students will produce an informative infographic highlighting the significance of the Vietnamese traditional dress, "Áo Dài" or "Bronze Drums," demonstrating their cultural knowledge and ability to present information visually.

The course also focuses on developing students' persuasive communication skills. Students will respond to an email request by presenting their heroes or heroines and persuading others to vote for their favorite actions that promote a "safe and healthy environment." Furthermore, they will engage in critical thinking and problem-solving as they respond to a letter addressing "unhealthy choices" and propose solutions in the target language.

Collaboration and teamwork are fostered through a class-wide project where students contribute to a class-book centered around "Ways to be Earth Friendly." This project allows students to explore and communicate about environmental sustainability in the target language, highlighting their research skills and ability to present their findings effectively.

By the end of Vietnamese 3, students will have honed their language abilities, expanded their cultural knowledge, and developed essential communication skills. This course not only provides students with the tools to express themselves fluently and creatively but also deepens their understanding of Vietnamese culture and fosters a sense of global citizenship.

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Vietnamese 4

Santa Teresa High School's Vietnamese 4 course provides students with a comprehensive review and expansion of the language and cultural topics covered in Vietnamese 1-3. This fourth-year course serves as a culmination of the students' Vietnamese language learning journey, allowing them to solidify their skills and delve deeper into Vietnamese culture and literature.

This is an advanced two-semester, college-prep course for native Vietnamese speakers. The main goal of this course is the analytical study of Vietnamese literature. The students who enroll in this course should already have competence in the analysis of grammar and have superior competence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Throughout the course, students will revisit key topics such as schooling in Vietnam, relationships, Vietnamese residential areas and geography, love, health, business, Vietnamese New Year, environmental protection, fashion, and travel. By recycling and building upon these topics, students will deepen their understanding of the Vietnamese language and culture while expanding their vocabulary and linguistic proficiency.

A significant focus of Vietnamese 4 is the development of advanced reading, writing, and oral skills. Students will engage with authentic Vietnamese cultural texts and literature, using the textbook "Tiếng Việt Mến Yêu, book C" as a valuable resource. Through the study of these materials, students will refine their ability to comprehend and analyze written texts, express their ideas fluently in writing, and engage in meaningful discussions in Vietnamese.

Cultural study plays a crucial role in Vietnamese 4, as it promotes a deeper understanding of the people who speak the language. Students will explore various aspects of Vietnamese culture, traditions, and customs, further immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of Vietnamese society.

By the end of Vietnamese 4, students will have honed their language skills to a level where they can understand and communicate effectively at the pace of a native speaker. They will possess a deeper appreciation for Vietnamese culture, literature, and society, and be equipped with the linguistic tools necessary for further exploration and engagement with the Vietnamese language and community.

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