Yearbook & Journalism

Yearbook & Journalism

Santa Teresa High School's Yearbook and Journalism class is a comprehensive college-prep course that offers students the opportunity to develop their skills in professional design, photography, marketing, advertising, interview techniques, and journalistic writing. This course can be taken for all four years and counts as an English B-Elective, contributing to both GPA and graduation credits.

The class fosters a sense of unity and belonging, as students return year after year, forming a close-knit family. Throughout the course, students will explore various elements of yearbook creation and journalism, gaining hands-on experience in utilizing professional design programs like Photoshop, In-Design, Canva, and more. They will learn how to create, design, and shape the Yearbook, ensuring it becomes a cherished representation of their school community.

In addition, students will have the unique opportunity to practice photography using top-of-the-line professional equipment, including DSLR cameras, fill flash, and professional lenses. They will learn the technical and artistic aspects of capturing captivating images and telling compelling stories through visual media.

Furthermore, students will develop their writing skills, both professionally and journalistically. They will learn how to conduct interviews, pitch their own ideas for articles, report on events, and play a pivotal role in guiding the direction of the student newspaper. Through their writing, they will amplify student voices and ensure that a wide range of perspectives are heard.

One of the highlights of the Yearbook and Journalism class is its emphasis on collaboration, teamwork, and leadership. The class is entirely student-run, giving students the autonomy to make crucial decisions about the yearbook's content, newspaper coverage, featured items, and student representation. By working together, students will learn effective communication, problem-solving, and time management skills. They will also develop strong leadership qualities as they meet deadlines and complete the most significant and outstanding group project of their high school experience.

By enrolling in Santa Teresa High School's Yearbook and Journalism class, students will not only gain practical skills in design, photography, and writing but also cultivate lifelong qualities of teamwork, leadership, and a sense of belonging. This course provides an exceptional opportunity for students to make their mark on their school's history while developing valuable skills for future endeavors.

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