Leadership & ASB

Leadership & ASB

Leadership is a project-based course that focuses on enhancing students' leadership capabilities. The course provides students with opportunities to plan and execute various events within their school community, enabling them to learn how to bring about positive change.

Throughout the course, students engage in reading materials that explore the nature of leadership and its different styles. They gain a theoretical understanding of leadership concepts, which serves as a foundation for their practical application in planning and organizing events.

A significant aspect of the course involves developing students' speaking skills. They are encouraged to express their thoughts critically, reflectively, and persuasively, addressing real-world issues that arise during the event planning process. By engaging in these activities, students strengthen their communication skills, which are essential for effective leadership.

The course has two main goals. The first is to enhance the positive school culture through the implementation of academic and social events. Students are challenged to create events that foster a sense of community and engagement within the school, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

The second goal is to help students enrolled in the course become effective leaders. By actively participating in the planning and execution of events, students develop their leadership skills, including decision-making, problem-solving, teamwork, and organization. The course provides them with a platform to practice and refine these skills in a real-world context.

In summary, Leadership is a project-based course that focuses on empowering students to become effective leaders. Through event planning and execution, students learn about leadership styles, develop their communication skills, and contribute to a positive school culture. The course aims to enhance the students' leadership capabilities while providing them with opportunities to create meaningful and impactful events.