Transfer Students

The following are some of the criterion in which you may be a transfer student to Santa Teresa. When in doubt, please consult an Athletic Director ASAP upon your enrollment to Santa Teresa HS. Just because you are enrolled at Santa Teresa through the District Office/ST Registrar, does not mean you are eligible to play for our school: there is more paperwork to do to clear you to play. You may however tryout for any of our sports as a student. In order to be eligible, you must either be a first-time freshman, starting at Santa Teresa since the first day of school for that academic year, having attended Santa Teresa for one whole calendar year upon transferring to Santa Teresa, or have never attended another high school other than Santa Teresa to name a few ways.

Some transfer situations, but not all reasons, may be:

- A full family move

- Returning to Santa Teresa from another high school

- First-time transfers

- Limited Eligibility transfers (to play non-varsity at ST)

- Did not participate in that sport in previous 12 months

- Sit Out Period (to play varsity at ST)

- Hardship Qualification

- Foreign Exchange Student (CIF approved)

Again, when in doubt, see an Athletic Director. We cannot afford to have any students go undetected as a transfer student. All prior transfer student-school/coach relationships must also be disclosed upon transferring to Santa Teresa.

**MR. YOUNG in room 213 will process all transfer paperwork.** 

Also, please do not contact anyone at Santa Teresa HS if you are not enrolled, this goes for parents/guardians of prospective students as well.