Dr. Jesus Marron re-joins STHS in '21 as Principal, after having served as the Associate Principal from '08 - '19




Dear Santa Teresa High School Community,

It is an honor to be your Principal; I previously served you as an Associate Principal for 11 years during the 2008-2019 school years. As an educational leader, my pedagogy is to work collaboratively with you in developing our students academically and socially to mature into citizens that can be productive in their community. I have been fortunate to have worked at different high schools in the East Side Union High School district during 15 years in administration. I can say that Santa Teresa High School is unique and rich in diversity. Moreover, we have multiple courses and programs for our students to succeed in following their pathway into college or career ready.

In addition, I plan to work closely with our school teachers and staff in continuing our work toward improving the graduation rate, increasing the A-G completion rate, decreasing the suspension rate, and decreasing the chronic absentee rate. As a school, we are continuously focused on the East Side Union High School District Equitable Communities agenda, which states:

As an educator and parent, I believe that education is the true equalizer and catalyst that will open doors of opportunity for our students. However, we have to work together, so that door of opportunity persists in staying open. I look forward to working with you.


Dr. Jesus Marron

(408) 347-6210

Associate Principal of Educational Development

Michael Payne-Alex has worked at Santa Teresa since 1998. He started as an English teacher after 2 years of moving to California from Massachusetts. After over two decades as an English teacher, he made the transition to administration in 2019. He served as the APA in handling facilities and safety, before becoming the APE to handle curriculum and academics. retired from English after 21 or so years. When asked about what he loves about the job, he mentions, 

“...I love being able to help people.”

Michael J. Payne-Alex

(408) 347-6230

Associate Principal of Administrative Services

Michael Scialabba has worked in the field of education for over two decades. His mother was a teacher at Santa Teresa. Following family tradition, Michael Scialabba joined Santa Teresa during the 2020-21 COVID-19 year. He serves as the APA, handling facilities and student safety. When asked about how he approaches his work, he has mentioned,

“I always try to bring a positive outlook to every position I take!”

Mike Scialabba

(408) 347-6220