AP Drawing & Painting

AP Drawing & Painting

AP Drawing & Painting is an advanced college-level course that adheres to the guidelines established by the College Board. This course offers students an opportunity to refine their skills in drawing and painting through a comprehensive exploration of various artistic elements and techniques.

Throughout the course, students will embark on a Sustained Investigation, which entails a guided artistic pursuit that holds personal significance to each student. The Sustained Investigation will focus on key aspects such as mark-making, line quality, composition, light and shadow, and surface manipulation.

Students will be evaluated not only on their completed artworks but also on their dedication to practice, experimentation, and revision. This emphasizes the importance of continual growth and development as artists.

Successful completion of Art 1 is a prerequisite for this course, while Drawing & Painting is highly recommended. AP Drawing & Painting fulfills the Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) requirement for A-G college admissions. The course is available for students in grades 10 to 12.

To excel in this rigorous course, students should anticipate dedicating an average of 10 hours per week outside of class to their artwork. Additionally, by successfully passing the AP exam, students have the potential to earn three college credits, providing them with a valuable head start on their academic journey.

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