Our Mindset

At Santa Teresa High School, staff and students aim to "Be a Saint".  This starts with mutual respect, holding ourselves to high achievement, and ensuring we exhibit a "Can Do" attitude.  Saints respect the school campus by ensuring they clean up after themselves; we respect each other through open communication; and we respect our community by behaving appropriately when we are at Starbucks or Nobhill.  Saints also strive for achievement by working hard, not giving up, and asking for help when we need it.  Finally, Saints exhibit a "Can Do" attitude by trying new things (sports, clubs, etc...), honoring our commitments, and helping others.  Our goal is to Be a Saint so that we can achieve a respectful, welcoming environment for all STHS students, staff, and community members.

BEaST Tickets

Santa Teresa High School's BEAST Ticket raffle is a bi-weekly event that celebrates students' exemplary behavior and achievements. Nominated by staff members, students have their names written on tickets for a chance to win enticing gift card prizes. This initiative not only recognizes individual efforts but also fosters a positive school culture where students are encouraged to excel and contribute positively to the community.

Staff members can find print-outs of the tickets in the button below. Drop off nominations in the front office in the box directly ahead of the principal's secretary to recognize your students... and give them a chance to win a gift card!

What We Do

To nurture a positive campus culture, Santa Teresa High School emphasizes the "Be a Saint" (BEAST) ethos, fostering a community where respect, achievement, and a proactive attitude are paramount. Through a series of community events and initiatives, staff and students collaborate to create an inclusive environment where everyone's voice is valued. Additionally, the school provides opportunities for students to engage in school-wide lessons aimed at promoting responsible decision-making. 

By clicking on the button below, you can explore specific examples of these lessons that empower students to make informed choices and contribute positively to their school community.

Our Values

You can find a detailed breakdown, guideline, and matrix by looking at either of the two buttons below. Santa Teresa High School holds both staff and students to these standards to foster a positive and welcoming community.