AP 2D Art & Design

AP 2D Art & Design

Welcome to the world of AP 2D Design, an exhilarating class that delves into various fields within the dynamic industry of Art Communications. This course opens the door to a wide range of creative disciplines, including Graphic Design, Fashion, Illustration, Game Design, Interactive Design, Commercial Photography, Architecture, and more!

In this course, you will have the opportunity to create a professional art portfolio centered around a subject and art style of your choosing. This personalized approach allows you to explore your unique interests in the arts and nurture your creative vision.

Here are five key objectives of the AP 2D Design course:

1) Explore YOUR Interests in the Arts:

Unleash your imagination and dive into the artistic realms that intrigue you the most. Whether you are passionate about graphic design, fashion, illustration, or any other art form, this course provides a platform for you to explore your interests and develop your artistic voice.

2) Expand Your Knowledge of Art and Art Techniques:

Through engaging lessons, hands-on projects, and critical discussions, you will expand your understanding of art principles, techniques, and processes. You will learn to analyze and interpret visual art, experiment with various mediums and materials, and develop a deep appreciation for the diverse forms of artistic expression.

3) Fulfill Your Multimedia Magnet Pathway Requirements:

This course aligns with the requirements of the Multimedia Magnet Pathway, offering you a comprehensive educational experience in the field of Art Communications. By completing this course, you will gain valuable insights and skills that contribute to your pathway progression.

4) Prepare for the AP Exam and College Credit:

By enrolling in this AP course, you will have the opportunity to take the AP 2D Design exam. Scoring well on this exam can earn you college credit, which can be applied to your studies at a Junior College (JC) or University. This provides a head start in your academic journey and helps you stand out among your peers.

5) Have FUN!

Above all, this course is designed to be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. You will have the freedom to unleash your creativity, explore new artistic horizons, and express yourself through your artwork. Embrace the joy of the creative process, collaborate with fellow artists, and embark on a transformative journey in the world of Art Communications.

Join us in AP 2D Design as we embark on an exciting exploration of art forms, techniques, and personal expression. Discover your passion, hone your skills, and create an art portfolio that showcases your unique artistic vision and potential.

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