AP English Literature

AP English Literature

The AP English Literature course at Santa Teresa High School is designed to deepen students' understanding of key aspects of analyzing fiction and poetry. The course provides an in-depth exploration of how character development and change are influenced by societal and environmental factors. Students will learn necessary skills for analyzing and engaging with poetry on multiple levels, including literary devices and figurative language.

The course will prepare students for the AP exam and engage them with rigorous, enriching materials. Through close reading of a range of texts, students will develop their abilities to analyze and interpret literature. Emphasis will be placed on writing well under time constraints, a skill essential for success on the AP exam.

Students who are interested in engaging with the finer points of literature, including decisions authors make, why they make them, and how they impact a story, will find this class to be an enriching and challenging experience.

Overall, the course will provide students with the tools and knowledge needed to engage critically with a wide range of literary texts and to express their insights in clear, well-written essays. Students who successfully complete this course will be well-prepared for success on the AP exam and for further study of literature at the college level.

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