Ms. Rubio



Students who leave campus without a pass from Attendance/Health Clerk will not be excused for their absence. 



NOTE: "excused" means that students can make up assignments that they miss. Teachers will notify students when the missed work will be due. Typically, this means one day for each day of excused absence.


When checking a student out please call Attendance, 3+ hours in advance. Students called out in advance will be granted a pass allowing them to leave campus. Parents/guardians can pick up excused students in the ST parking lot or the Attendance Office - Bldg 500.


If your student is going to miss 5-15 consecutive school days, you are encouraged to notify the Attendance Office as soon as possible to apply for Short-Term Independent Studies.

If your student qualifies, your student will be assigned a Short-Term Independent Studies teacher, work to do during the time the student is out of school, and the opportunity to have the absences excused if the work is completed.

For more information, please contact Ms. Kathy Rubio at 408-347-6221.


If your student should become ill while at school, they should speak with a teacher and receive a pass to the Health Office. The health clerk will work with parent/guardians to make pickup arrangements. Students SHOULD NOT come to the health office without a pass from a teacher. If your student calls you to advise that they are ill, please direct them to the health office with a teacher pass.


California compulsory education law requires everyone age 6-18 to attend school until graduation from high school or passing the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE).

Here is the link to the District Attendance Policy.

Here is the link to view the District Information and Policies regarding Truancy and SARB.

Statistics show that students who attend school regularly are significantly more likely to pass their classes than those who are absent.  Similarly, students who arrive to class on time are significantly more likely to succeed than those who are tardy.  The bottom line: students need to be in class and on time to have their best chance at success.  Please understand that our daily average attendance is about 95%-96%, which means on a given day, we might have as many as 100 students who miss school.  This means at least 100 students a day who need to have their attendance posted in our student information system. This also means we are losing 4%-5% of our overall funding due to absences.  

A school like Santa Teresa High School should have a daily average attendance closer to 97%-98%, which means we are definitely losing about 2% of our annual budget.  Please help ensure your student attends school regularly.