The tutorial period at Santa Teresa High School is a designated time during the school day where students have the opportunity for a flexible period. Instead of attending a traditional class, students typically stay in their 4th period class but have the freedom to seek assistance, make up work, or collaborate with peers as needed.

For example, if a student requires help with math, they can visit their math teacher during tutorial period. If they need to make up a quiz in science, they can do so with their science teacher during this time. Likewise, if they have a group project in English, they can meet with their group members and work on it together during tutorial period, thus avoiding the need to sacrifice lunch or stay after school.

Students who choose to stay in their 4th period class during tutorial period can use the time to catch up on homework or assignments, effectively using it as a homeroom period.

Overall, the tutorial period is designed to provide students with flexibility during the school day, ensuring that they have the necessary resources and support to succeed academically without having to extend their school day or burden their extracurricular time.