School Photos

STHS uses Generations School Photography for yearbook and ID Photos.

In response to several inquiries asking if fall school pictures can still be purchased, the answer is YES! Generations School Photography has ways to purchase photos. Visit their website to find your student’s image or to place an order online:

STHS Picture Days:

August 2nd (Freshmen Orientation)

August 10th and 11th (10th, 11th, and 12th graders)

September 8th (Clean Up Day)

November 15th (Make Up Day)

In the meantime, for students who have a STHS ID card from last year, these are still valid at the school bank and other places as your Student ID number remains the same.

Above is information on how students can "Pre-Register" (pre-registering is just implementing the student's info on their phone and it texts/emails the student their barcode to take their picture with) from Generations Studios before picture day. I have attached a flyer here for you to utilize. This will also help you order picture packets if you so choose.

If students pre-register, "ordering information and proofs will be emailed TWO weeks after your school's last picture day." Which I believe was the Clean-Up day on 9/8 as Make-Up day on 11/15 is for people who have ordered a packet and want new pictures.

August 2nd is for incoming 9th graders: They will be going to take their ID photos with their Freshmen Orienation groups at predetermined times throughout orientation. Link Crew Leaders know their groups' times and will take their groups to be photographed.

August 10th & 11th is for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders: They will be going with their Social Science classes at predetermined appointment times during 1st-7th (Thursday, 8/10 and Friday, 8/11 respectively) to take their school photographs. These pictures are printed on STHS ID cards and given to students at the time the picture is taken. These images are also used for our school's yearbook. 

If you do not have a Social Science class this year and you still need your picture taken (i.e. 10th graders who took Human Geography last year, etc.), you will be priority and have a pass to get your photo taken on our Clean-Up day. If you are a freshmen and missed Freshmen Orientation, you will also be priority and have a pass to get your photo taken on Clean-Up day.

September 8th is Clean Up Day: This is for those who missed Freshmen Orientation (Aug 2), the 10th-12th grade picture days (Aug 10 & 11), enrolled after those dates, or simply just have not had their picture taken yet (Staff included). We do not rephotograph anyone who is unhappy with their ID picture unless a mistake has been made or an exception approved by campus staff; students who have already taken an ID photo will be turned away.

November 15th is Make Up Day: This is for anyone who does not have a school ID picture/card yet (i.e. for new students or those who still haven't been photographed). Others can retake for the Yearbook and/or to buy a package but will not get a new ID card printed there. Cameras will be set-up in the MPR.