50th Anniversary

The Celebration

“People stay in communities, they enjoy their community and I think we’ve created a wonderful community at Santa Teresa.”

– Elvin Jackson

On September 15th, 2023 Santa Teresa High School celebrated their 50th anniversary. On this day, fifty years of football was honored that brought together generations of alumni, students, and staff. After school, everyone came together to cheer on our varsity football team on the field, and reminisce about many memories made on and off campus over the years. The student body and parents alike were filled with excitement to join in on this nostalgic occasion. The stands were completely full, decked out in orange and blue, and the atmosphere felt hopeful for a victory.

The celebration started long before the coin toss, with past alumni and staff being introduced to the crowd. As they walk along the field, they reminisce of the shared memories they had made on this campus. They passed these memories and the significance of them onto the current students in the crowd. Before the game, the events began with a speech from the district personnel that had come down to speak at the occasion. They shared their experiences and contributions to the campus and their influence on the students and staff of Santa Teresa. 

During the ceremony, they had a moment of silence for George House and Chon Gallego. Chon, the first coach, was represented by his family at the ceremony. He began teaching in 1974 and left Santa Teresa in 1992, compiling a 113–77–3 record during his work here. George House, the first principal, served not only our school, but our country, working in the FBI and serving the navy. He dedicated decades of his life to this country’s youth by giving 32 years to the district. In respect to their legacy, a moment of silence was held and the ceremony continued.

Not only were the previous Junior varsity and Varsity coaches such as Nick Alfano and Ron Capurso acknowledged, but our very own famous alumni who joined the NFL, Joe Nedney, Rich Campbell, and Craig Whelihancame down to witness this major game. Astonished by what he saw on campus, Rich Campbell found it difficult to recognize it. Campbell was a part of the graduating class of 77’ and never thought he would be back to celebrate this milestone as one of the originators of the school. 

“Santa Teresa holds many great memories for me… my favorite we played has to be against Piedmont Hills. It was a close game, but we were able to win by a field goal in the last minute. The final score was 45-43.” said Campbell. Time flew by for Campbell as he wished he had appreciated his time more at Santa Teresa. He advises all students, “If you have a dream, pursue it, work hard towards it. You’ll never know when you will reach it.” 

Many alumni are now staff on campus, such as Mr.  Scott Young, Ms. Kristen Lebherz, and Mr. Elvin Jackson. In an interview, Mr. Jackson said “I’ve been in the district 42 years, and I have the grandson of a former student of mine going… People stay in communities, they enjoy their community and I think we’ve created a wonderful community at Santa Teresa.“

The spirits were high in the student section where everyone was encouraged to wear the school colors to further fuel the football team’s determination to win their anniversary game. And so, at 7:15, with the loud and supportive cheers of the audience, the game kicked off.

During half-time the school showed its many diverse talents with performances from marching band, color guard, cheerleading, and song. These half-time performances showed that spirit could and was shown in a number of ways, from the athleticism of the football players to the choreography of the various performance groups.

When the football team began their game against Leigh High School, they rose up to the occasion. After an excitement filled night, the Santa Teresa team finished the night with a victory. With a 14-7 win, the school wrapped up the 50th anniversary celebration. Throughout the night, alumni got to greet their old friends, see their teachers again, and reminisce with each other about their highschool years. Many got to reconnect with their friends, teachers, and old mentors again, which to many was a blessing. When people left the field, they left with high spirits and memories to share for the next reunion. 

The 50th anniversary football game was not just about touchdowns, tackles, and a victorious score; it was about the shared memories, moments, and milestones that have defined Santa Teresa High School for fifty years. 

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